Jose Rodriguez

Fridays work on "American Beauty" with Jose Rodriguez

Friday morning I finished sculpting the second foot ( other than overall surface smoothing). Jose continued work on the hair. I built a platform that allows me to get up close to the face without being bent over ( I need to protect my back). I made good progress on the nose with a little more to go. This morning I'll finish the nose and move on to the eyes and mouth. Looks like another long day today.

David L Phelps
sacrificing the knees to save the back

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believe it or not, the white model is life size

American Beauty on Friday

I got a lot of sculpting done on the right foot today and Jose continued making great progress on the hair.

A couple of days ago we had all seven toilets in the building overflow at once. This is day two of the plumbing crew. They had a camera down the pipe and now have 90 feet of snake down the hole but haven't found the problem yet. Yikes. 

The good news is that all the toilets are being completely rebuilt. Shouldn't have to worry about them for a while.

Hi Patsy!!!

Monday's progress on "American Beauty"

Today Jose & I sculpted hair & ears; made great progress. Over the weekend,  we added a layer of clay over the entire form to unify the color thus making it much easier to understand the form we're sculpting. Tomorrow will be more sculpting of the form as well as smoothing the overall surface with flexible steel ribs.

Work is progressing well on American Beauty. Jose Rodriguez is up from Austin offering invaluable help in getting this piece finished with the attention to detail that I'm looking to achieve. I'm also getting great help from Christie Hackler and Christie Owen.
American Beauty

Red Head bad boy put back into service today
to make another 160 lbs of oil clay

Jose Rodriguez working on the hair

Jose Rodriguez working on the hair

Going over mig welding theory with Christie Owen

Christie admiring the pattern

Cutting steel panels with the plasma cutter

Cutting steel panels with the plasma cutter

Going over process

Christie cleaning up the panels with the Dewalt

Getting that steel sliver out


Demonstrating interior welding

Sunday studio work

Working on Sunday with Christie Owen and Jose Rodriguez.  Sculpting on American Beauty and getting some pieces patinated to ship out to Whistler Village Art Gallery and to a private collector.


 heating up the Oarsman
patina notes and chemicals

Spraying Lacquer

finished "Dive"

finished "Oarsman"