Experiencing a weather related disturbance

Reinforcements arrive!!!!  Jose Rodriguez.
Demolition continues with Corbin Schroeder

New intern Corbin Schroeder arrived from Idaho just before the second Tornado Hit town. To his credit, he didn't pack up and go back to Idaho. Corbin has just finished his undergraduate degree from Idaho and will start his internship as a construction expert.

Corbin Schroeder removing the suspended ceiling frame.
We've experienced some weather events here in Oklahoma City.  I had some serious flooding in my office. I have to put artwork on hold while I respond to the damage from the last big storm that rolled through. I will attempt to document on this blog the reconfiguring of what was my office into a dedicated sculpting space.
Office: beginning demolition after the flood

Air handling ductwork, electrical, and plumbing all now out of the way of demolition.