Final sculpting on American Beauty

I'm at the stage in sculpting "American Beauty" that I pretty much have to do all the work myself.  Jose Rodriguez has gone back to Austin after six weeks or so up here in the studio.  The last couple of days I've spent refining the hair and should be done tomorrow. Next up, arms & shoulders. I've thrown in a few shots of other sculptures hanging around the studio.

A double life sized Pastoral Dreamer was delivered to the Tom Ross Gallery in Santa Fe last Saturday by Deep in the Heart Foundry and was set in place by crane man extraordinaire Roger Lamoreux.

Today I'm teaching Christie Owen to mig-weld and I'm finding that she's a natural born welder.

David L Phelps

American Beauty

Christie Owen arrives

practice welds

Big skull

1.5 X life size Pastoral Dreamer
Christie Hackler for scale reference

Life size American Beauty

Watership Down on a 5000 lb steel pedistal