24 inch iMac replace both drives

iMac fixit morning

My optical drive likes the last DVD I burned so much that it won't give it up. It took awhile to figure out that the drive had died.  So today I'm a techie.  

First thing was to order a new optical drive as well as a bare hard drive docking station.

The hard drive in this iMac was fine but it was only 750 GB and I have a couple of new empty 2TB sea gates laying around, so, while I've got the thing apart I might as well put the new bigger drive in.

I downloaded a copy of Carbon Copy cloner and cloned the internal hard drive to the new seagate drive.  Then I cleaned my desk.
Ready to disassemble

Use suction cups to pull the front glass off

Off it comes

Good opportunity to clean the grime under the glass

Removing the screen exposes the guts

old optical drive out

Both new drives ready to go in

Almost back together

Success!! Back up and running
 OK, now back to work and off to the OVAC's 12x12 fundraiser tonight.