At the age of 17 I made this sculpture. 46 years later I have a studio full of tools for sculpting and looking at this piece a couple of days ago, it dawned on me that back then the only tools I had were the farm’s stick welder & torch.

The painting depicts relative Fredrick Yost's Stockton home that he built for his bride Margaret Wolf. After Fredrick died, she couldn’t stand the idea of strangers ever living in the house so she had it torn down and gave the bricks to their son Henry Yost so he could build a home of his own at another location. I believe that house is still standing close to Victory Park.


Assembling Stainless Steel Sphere

This is one element of a sculpture titled “Sisyphus Over St. Helena” It is composed of 316 stainless steel panels cast at Deep in the Heart Art Foundry in Bastrop, Texas. I’m in the process of welding it together. It’s fun to do, it requires precision fitting. I like a challenge.

Rolling Sugar Beets

I made this raku fired piece around 1975. It depicts a tractor "rolling" a field of sugar beets. I would probably still be on this tractor now (or a drug addict) except that when I was sixteen my Mom laid down the law and decided my first car would not be a pickup truck so she picked out a used '71 Camaro for my first car. I drove that car all over the country and parted ways with it in Oklahoma in 1985. I don't think my Mom realized that because of that car I would end up living my life half way across the country.

Tractor Rolling Sugar Beets    1975    7” x 17 x 10   raku fired stoneware

Tractor Rolling Sugar Beets 1975 7” x 17 x 10 raku fired stoneware

American Beauty Installed!

"American Beauty" just installed at new Beach Home in Florida.  bronze, four times life-size, 5 ½' H x 20' L x 7' W. photo credit: Darrell Russell architect.